The Team

Bahram Pourghadiri.jpg

NetBina currently has 35 staff members.

15 full time and 20+ part time


Bahram Pourghadiri

Chairman, CEO

PhD Economics, School of Oriental and African Studies, SOAS, London.

MSc Economics, SOAS, London.

BSc Economics, London School of Economics, LSE, London.


In charge of the overall strategy and tactics. Bahram liaises with staff on overall objectives, client campaigns, market trends, and specific targets. He also oversees the creation and implementation of the training programs.


Mojgan Khani

Senior Consultant

BSc Computer Software Engineering

Mojgan is in charge of the overall campaign operations. She will supervise and coordinate all activity, including but not limited to creation of artwork, copy writing, campaign communication, media negotiation, content creation and distribution.


Samaneh Maddah

International Account Relations

MSc Evidence-based Social Interventions, Oxford University, Oxford, UK.

BA English Language and Literature


Samaneh heads the communication between NetBina and international clients. She will relay any feedback, ideas and changes in strategy or objectives to the campaign team.


Golnaz Zarabian

Project Management

Golnaz coordinates the operational activities for each client. Making sure social media posts are going up as scheduled, graphic artists are sending in their designs on time, copy writing is ready for campaigns etc. She makes sure that campaigns launch and run as scheduled.


Alireza Naghizadeh

Head of software

BSc Computer Engineering


Alireza is the head of in-house software development. He is responsible for the update of all our in-house software and for upgrading and customising the numerous digital platforms.


Neda Sehat

Creative Director

BA Industrial and Product Design

Neda will oversee the creation and supervision of all artwork and designs for offline and digital campaigns. This includes any material for press kits and media events. She will help to create the look of all imagery, digital images, installations, posters etc.  


Anooshiravan  Aria

Video and animation director

MSc Film Director

BA Graphics Design  

Anooshiravan is responsible for all video and animation content. This includes teasers, corporate videos, viral videos, training videos etc. 


Ehsan Eyvazi 

Creative Manager

BA Graphics Design

Ehsan is responsible for our digital designs. He is the most prolific advertising banner designer in Iran. He has been with us for many years and is mainly responsible for designing digital visuals.


Asal Borojerdi

Account Manager

BSc Architecture Engineering 

Asal compiles the daily reports from campaigns to assess their progress. She also helps to put together the weekly report and the statistics for the monthly management report.