We are a full service agency

We spend much of our time brainstorming, thinking and creating. Strategic planning and careful preparation lie at the heart of all our campaigns. We like to draw up exciting but flexible marketing strategies. Campaigns are periodically modified based on market feedback. We work very closely with our clients and constantly seek their opinions. 

Our focus on digital is due to the overwhelmingly dominant influence of digital media in all our daily lives.

Nevertheless, with some brands we still have to carry out substantial traditional marketing activities.

Field of activities and services

We are a full service agency and welcome the opportunity to respond to all marketing, PR and market research requests. This is an overall summary of the services we offer, divided into four broad categories.



Overall marketing strategy

Brand management

Product line strategy

Digital strategy

Cross channel integration & evaluation. Effectively mixing offline, digital, PR, etc.

Market research, qualitative  and quantitative

Data driven consumer insights

Household purchasing behaviour

Product testing by consumers



Campaign inception

Digital content

Social media content

Expanding, interactive banners

Content marketing


Mobile artwork

Offline artwork, billboards, magazines, newspapers, audio, point of sales

Viral animations and videos








Twitter and other social media

Traditional PR

Digital PR

Press / media events and conferences

Crisis management

Press training for staff

In-bound news centre and PR

Website / App development

Consumer feedback

Newsletters in-house and external

Sales promotions

Corporate videos




Media buying

Media audit

Billboards, magazines, newspapers, buses, metro, street level displays etc.

Digital publications, TV domestic and satellite, radio

Media outside Iran

TV & Radio features

Monitoring: social media, blogs, digital buzz & comments

Monitoring: All media, TV, satellite, newspapers, magazines etc.

Product placement