Fields of expertise and proficiency

Our strength lies particularly in the following three fields of marketing:

1.    Digital marketing and communication
2.   Overall strategy of offline and digital campaigns
3.   Cross channel marketing and evaluation

In detail these services include:

Marketing and PR strategy

Complete fresh thinking on, and evaluation of, marketing and PR strategies

Brand positioning and management

Research of consumer market, client workforce, stakeholders, resellers; followed by a report on the representation of the brand within all the marketing communication, such as advertising, press releases, CSR, media relations etc.

Marketing integration

We are great at planning and integrating the overall marketing mix and coordinating the various marketing activities. Getting this mix right is crucial in achieving the optimal use of available marketing resources. We always put into place some evaluation procedure, so that we are able to gauge the contribution of each marketing channel to the overall campaign.

Market research qualitative and quantitative (Digital & offline)

Qualitative focus group research followed by more quantitative analysis. We spend a tremendous amount of preparation time with the client to help find the answer to one main actionable question and do not use it as a survey tool.

Digital PR

Content syndication on digital publications. Typically we copy write the articles or modify them, to attract the online audience. These are placed in mass news websites and specialist digital publications relating to the service or product being publicized. We can normally track the number of views of the articles and clicks arising from them.

Digital marketing & communication strategy

It is crucial to have a well thought out and planned digital strategy and not to haphazardly allocated resources to social media, banner advertising, SEO etc. Our role is to work with the client and advise them on reaching an initial flexible digital marketing strategy which can then be implemented via various digital marketing channels.

Display advertising

All our display advertising is tracked for impressions and clicks, and the client receives detailed analytical reports. We have run expanding banners, rich media, geo-targeting campaigns, Android/iOS targeting etc. We are an independent media agency and do not push to the client our own websites. We recommend the most optimal set of digital locations based on our aggregated campaign data over many years.

Mobile marketing

We have the ability to design mobile websites and carry out advertising on mobile platforms. Unfortunately the vast majority of digital publishers in Iran have not yet optimized their publications onto the mobile platform, and the capacity for such advertising is rather limited.

Mobile apps / online gaming

Mobile app development in Iran is rather limited due to foreign restrictions for deployment and distribution. But we have the ability to carry out the development. It should also be noted that websites designed for the mobile platform are usually what clients in Iran are really looking for and they are a great cross platform solution to meeting the consumer’s mobile needs. Apps should only be embarked upon when a mobile website is not sufficient. Online gaming can be a useful device for specific campaigns in order to encourage word of mouth marketing and more shares/invites.

Content creation and marketing

Given the numerous updates to Google’s algorithms over the past decade, content creation and decimation has become the key to attracting organic search clicks. Traditional SEO techniques are no longer sufficient.

Social media marketing

Creating engaging posts, taking original photos, increasing likes, scheduling regular enticing content and 24 hour monitoring are part of our service. This is carried out on the major social media platforms of the day. Such marketing also helps the search engine rankings. We are also able to develop Facebook apps.

Email marketing

All our email marketing is tracked and uses opt in databases from digital publishers. In this way we avoid spam, and the brand is not associated with nuisance emails.

Email communication platform

We have teamed up with a dedicated email communication company in India to deploy email platforms for Iranian companies who need to constantly send email communication to their large consumer base. This system provides great tracking and virtually eliminates spam related issues.

RSS News platform

Some clients already have a RSS news feed, and if not we setup one for them. We have a custom advertising platform which hooks into the feed and distributes the news headlines across many popular websites. All impressions, and clicks on the headlines are tracked for the client. This has proved greatly successful for many of our clients in Iran.

Digital feedback form

A simple web address & QR code for mobiles is provided on POS material/packaging which allows consumers to provide digital feedback on the product or their shopping experience. The results are analysed and reported to the client in an actionable manner. An invaluable tool for any company.

Product reviews and blog content

We can implement plans to increase product reviews for a brand on websites, to increase awareness and increase the digital footprint of the company. Bloggers are also often looking for new subject matter. As part of a PR strategy, they can also be included in the circle of digital publishers and spread the word about a particular product.

On site training

Given the rapidly changing landscape of marketing and PR in recent years, we provide in-house training services for our client’s workforce to stay in touch with the latest available marketing tools and trends.