Media Kit

Our media department is known within the industry for negotiating relentlessly and planning meticulously

NetBina has carried out thousands of media buys on behalf of its clients. Some of the media plans have been extremely intricate and complex to carry out.

Our media department negotiates relentlessly and plans meticulously, to ensure a cost effective and smooth running campaign.

NetBina provides its clients with regular detailed analytical reports. These are then used to optimise the media list in conjunction with the client. 

Our media list includes but is not limited to the following:

  1. Digital publishers
  2. Newspapers
  3. Magazines
  4. Domestic TV
  5. Satellite TV
  6. Billboards
  7. Radio - These include not only radio ads, but also featured radio interviews/announcements
  8. Transport, metro and buses - Primarily on Tehran's transport network.
  9. Media outside Iran - Through its membership of the Persicom Global network of independent marketing agencies, Persicom has carried out media plans outside of Iran.

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7Sob    General
Donyae Eghtesad    Economy
Etemad    General
Hamshahri    General
Iran    General
Jaam e jam    IT
Jam e Jam    General
Jam e Jam (Ghab e Koochak)    Cinema
Khabae Varzeshi    Sport
Navad    Sport
Sobhe Eghtesad    Economy



Ashpazbashi    Cooking
Ashpazi    Cooking
Cinema    Cinema
Donyae Football    Sport
Doyae Khodro    Cars
Ideal    Lifestyle
Koodak    Women and children
Khanevadeye Sabz    Lifestyle
Mashin    Cars
Manzel    Lifestyle
Movafaghiyat    Lifestyle
Safar    Travel
Sakht Afzar    IT
Salamat    Health
Sibe Sabz    Lifestyle
Tose'e Eghtesadi    Economy
Zendgi Mosbat    Health


Domestic TV

Channel 1
Channel 2
Channel 3
News Channel
Press news


Satellite TV

AAA Family
AAA Music
TV Persia


Billboards (dimensions in metres width x height)

Hemaat    West to East    12x5
Hemaat    East to West    18x3
Hakim    West to East    15x5
Hakim    East to West    20x3
Chamran    South to North    14x3
Chamran    North to South    12x3
Chamran    West to East    27x3
Modares    North to South    18x3
Modares    South to North    18x3
Haghani    Jahane Kodak    20x3
Tehran-Karaj    East to West    20x3
Tehran-Karaj    West to East    20x3
Kordestan    South to North    12x4
Elahiye    Sharifimanesh    3x3
Arjantin    South west    3x3
Afrigha    South to North    3x6
Shahrak e Gharb    Saant     3x40
Saatabad    Kaj    5x3
Valy e Asr    North East    3x2
Azadi    Makhsos Road    5x3
Navab    North to South    39x2
Navab    South to North    25x3