Online marketing solutions in Iran

NetBina is Iran’s premier private digital agency. It is an independent private company, not affiliated to any state or quasi state organization,  which works with prestigious international clients in the private sector.

As well as Europe and Asia, NetBina also represents many clients in Dubai either directly or sub contractually. It has the biggest network of websites and affiliates in the Iranian market, serving hundreds of millions of impressions per month.

We work closely with clients and ad agencies to find the most effective online marketing solution for each campaign. Our aim is to help you gain tangible improvements in business performance by carefully planning, implementing and developing your marketing activities in Iran. Online marketing tools include:

Banner advertising
    . Online market research
    . Online gaming
    .  Online PR
    .  Social media advertising
    .  PPC (Google AdWords, etc.)
    .  SEO services
    .  Email marketing

Our clients (directly and via ad agency subcontracts) include:


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Fax: +98 21 8860 0540

United Kingdom
Mobile: +44 79 6879 8786


Office hours:
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