NetBina is an ad agency brand owned by Persicom in London, UK. Over the past 10 years we have executed hundreds of campaigns for international brands.  We welcome clients globally.


Our three guiding principles

When you work with NetBina, you know what we are doing, how we are doing it and who is doing it. We invite you to creative workshops to see how we formulate ideas for your brand and operate an open door policy for our clients to be involved in our planning as little or as much as they wish. We will be transparent on our pricing, margins for media buys and any subcontracting. We will expose you to the good and the bad so that you have a complete picture of your project.

For every campaign, creative, app or copy, we aim to start from a blank sheet of paper and invest energy in fresh ideas. We will not blindly repeat previous campaigns with superficial modifications, nor shy away from brave proposals which may ultimately be rejected by the client. New ideas keep our brands fresh, consumers alert and they keep us happy and motivated at work.

It is great to be reliable as an ad agency. But we try to aim a bit higher, and invoke a Wow! reaction from consumers and clients with our activations. This is the standard we expect of our own team members internally.